ClickStats Mobile Training App

ClickStats mobile app for clicker training and dataThis is a true clicker training application, far more than just an audible click!

Any good clicker trainer knows that record-keeping is critcial, but it can be awkward to track data on the fly. For less than the price of a traditional clicker, ClickStats does the clicking and math for you, letting you focus on criteria and enjoy your training!

What is ClickStats, you ask? Click to view video!

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  • Click the green “click” button to mark desired behavior.  Remember that timing matters; if you should find a delay in the audible marker, check how many tasks your phone is running and optimize.
  • In case of error (incorrect or no response), click the red “miss” button.  You will not hear any audible feedback for this selection, as NRMs are usually detrimental to training.  (See relevant article at You will see the counter change.
  • Your reps and ratios will be counted for you – no more wondering how far you are through your speed drill or calculating your rate of reinforcement!
  • Click “save session” to log data and clear the counter for the next session.
  • “Cancel session” will do just that – erase all entries for that session and save nothing.
  • “Undo last” lets you correct a marker error.
  • The Stats tab will display all your sessions, including that crucial percentage of correct responses.  Remember that 80% is the sweet spot for increasing criteria!
  • New to clicker training?  Visit or our site for beginner information, news, helpful videos, and more.

FUN FACT: The clicker sound used here is recorded from a genuine Bob Bailey training clicker.

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