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Love your pet with the gift of education.

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Not just puppy training,

puppy training expertise.


Laura literally wrote the book on puppy socialization.


Aggression or reactivity?

Calm the storm.


Ask an international expert for help.

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Busy schedule? Working from home? We can help.

Laura VanArendonk Baugh offers pet manners, behavior modification, and more, using dog-friendly training techniques anyone can use.

Laura VAB provides convenient dog training services with flexible and personal options, customized to your needs. We focus on practical behaviors, oriented toward your lifestyle at home, and our training plans accommodate your busy schedule. Dog training is a team event, and we’d love to work with your entire family to ensure consistency.

We offer both in-home sessions and online training and coaching to fit your needs and schedule!

How would you like to get started?

cute Bernese Mountain Dog puppy ready for training

Start Puppies Right

Puppies love learning as much as we love preventing problems.

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Household Manners

Every dog deserves an education.

stressed Malinois

Reactivity or Aggression

Fearful, reactive, or aggressive? Talk to an expert.

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Public Access Training

For service dogs in training, or for pets who travel everywhere.

Canines In Action, Inc.

With hundreds of hours in continuing education in animal and human training, with multiple national and international certifications, and with more than twenty years training in Indianapolis and elsewhere; Laura knows what works!

Laura is a graduate of and faculty for the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior, and she is certified through TAGteach Level 2 and is a Fear-Free Certified Trainer.

We’ll use positive reinforcement to train a new behavior to replace the unwanted behavior.  For example, we don’t teach a jumping dog “not to jump,” we teach him to sit to greet a person.  We use dog-friendly and humane methods, primarily marker-based training, using anything important to the dog (attention, petting, toys, treats) as earned rewards.  In short, we’re behavioral clicker trainers.

Still wondering? Check our FAQ!

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