Manners & General Training

You just need some basic “good dog” training, nothing too specialized. Maybe some help with walking nicely on leash instead of pulling, or a brush-up on sit, down, and that all-important come. Try one of our manners packages.

Work with a trainer in the privacy and convenience of your own home, with a training plan customized to your needs and your schedule.

We offer three programs to help you and your dog learn together.

A friendly looking Pit Bull dog sitting on a white backdrop
Just the Facts, Ma’am
Highly Targeted Training
  • starter level manners training customized to your needs
  • 3 private training sessions
  • online or in your home
A Shetland Sheepdog on a white backdrop looking up
Training Operative
All Around Dog
  • focused training around your custom needs
  • 5 private training sessions
  • online or in your home
A cute terrier sitting against a white backdrop
Training Director
When Expertise Matters
  • refined training per your priorities 
  • 8 private training sessions
  • online or in your home

Package pricing is available for weekdays. Weekend sessions are charged at the individual session rate. Rates include 20 miles of roundtrip travel to the dog, after which a nominal mileage fee of $0.50/mile is charged. See our policies.

Does this mean you’ll train my dog for me?

Not entirely. We can assist you and jumpstart your progress, with the benefit of a skilled handler who already knows how to support and reinforce the behaviors we want, but that is not a replacement for working with the person who is going to be with your dog for the rest of their life. Practicing with your dog is essential to success, and we’ll coach you through your most efficient sessions.

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