Policies, Terms, & Conditions

Payment Policy

Initial payment may be required at scheduling to hold your appointment time. Payment plans are available for packages. Packages are not refundable.

Payment may be made via cash, credit or debit card, ACH transfer, or Google Pay or Apple Pay. Payments may be taken in person or online.

Scheduling Policy

It’s recommended to book appointments early upon starting training. Training sessions may be scheduled weekly or at greater intervals according to scheduling needs, and booked sessions can be rescheduled in advance if necessary. Package sessions must be used within three months of purchase.

Cancelation Policy

If your schedule changes, please give 48 hours’ notice to reschedule your session. If you do not attend a scheduled session, it is charged at the usual rate. In case of emergency, contact us!

In case of illness, human or canine, please contact to reschedule. We understand no one plans an illness, and caution is warranted when a trainer goes from home to home. Illnesses will be accommodated as long as the session is canceled rather than missed.

Mileage Policy

Rates include 20 miles of roundtrip travel to the dog, after which a nominal mileage fee of $0.50/mile is charged. For example: a 15-mile trip each way to a session would incur an additional $5 in mileage, as 20 miles would be included and the remaining 10 in both directions would be calculated at $.50 each.

No additional mileage is charged for local puppy field trips.

Management and Homework Policy

Professional training appointments account for only a tiny percentage of your dog’s life; practice at home is key to long-term success. Recommendations will be made in accordance with your goals, your current abilities, and your available time and energy (yes, even a professional trainer knows your life does not revolve solely around dog training!) for your best results. Practice as directed, or please ask if you need suggested adaptations.

Often times management is required for safety or to prevent the practice of unwanted habits during training. Especially in matters of safety, these management recommendations are critical. Adherence to management guidelines is expected.

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