Practicing Recalls

guinea fowl
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I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which has distracted me from the blog. But some of those travels are going to provide fun new blog posts, so in the long run it’s been worth it. But now that I’m home, it’s more obvious that Mindy’s starting to mature, in that way… Continue reading

Clicker Expo and After

black lab puppy seated at edge of cliff, looking over river gorge
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What a week! Mindy and I traveled to Clicker Expo in Norfolk, Virginia, and because I didn’t want to fly her, we drove. It wasn’t a bad drive, about 12 hours, and I broke it up into two days with a bit of hiking each way. “Not a Real Service… Continue reading

Resisting Temptation

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So the puppy and I had a night out last week to the New Day Meadery, a local mead and cider room. (I drink very little, maybe a glass every couple of months, but I find their libations very tasty.) Their tasting room also offers specialty foods, and I ordered… Continue reading

An Easy Pill to Swallow, Training to Take Pills the Easy Way, Part 3

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It’s been a while since I mentioned this, but this is a skill which we often wish our dogs had, but rarely teach them before we need it. Mindy had to learn it early, when a urinary tract infection required antibiotics. So here’s a short video of Mindy taking her… Continue reading

Steampunk Puppy: “They call me CAPTAIN Mindy!”

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Fun puppy socialization outing this weekend! And some socialization opportunities are too good to pass up. In one of my other lives, I’m a costumer, and we were presenting some costume panels this weekend at a steampunk event. Saturday my husband was going to be very busy and couldn’t keep… Continue reading

Puppy’s First Clicker Session

How I get things done: I placed a blanket and a chew in a sun-spot. I cheat.
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She’s a bit young to be have flashbacks already, but here’s a look back at Mindy’s very first clicker session. After our long flights home, Mindy was full of hollow energy. She’d slept on the plane, so she was awake, but it had been a crazy long day, so she… Continue reading

A Big Day 4 (and end of the first week)

puppy under the table at a restaurant.
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My husband met the puppy for the first time Friday morning. They’ve seemed to hit it off pretty well. I had made plans to go to the Home Show with others, and I knew it would be a great big experience for the new pup. It also had the potential… Continue reading

Day 2 with the Guide Dog puppy: Moving Fast

"You mean I can lie here and get treats for watching the people? Seriously?"
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So yeah, lots of puppy posts. Not gonna apologize. This one’s a little less “aww!” and a little more training-oriented. I’ve got to type fast, though, because I just put the pup down for a nap after a big afternoon! Continue reading

The First Day is a Big Day

Yes, your face WILL stick like that.
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A California puppy haiku: Snow is weird and cold. OMG! You can eat it! Ow-wow-wow brain freeze. Due to a lucky “break” in our cold snap, Mindy experienced only a 70-degree drop in temperature when we arrived home late Monday night. I took her out to urinate on the new… Continue reading