Training Services

Canines In Action offers a variety of services to best help you and your pet.

Private Sessions In Your Home Or On Location

attentive Yorkshire Terrier YorkieDo you have special behaviors or issues you want to focus on? Do you feel your dog isn’t ready for the distraction of group classes? Would you like a trainer to focus exclusively on you, your family, and your dog, with flexible scheduling?

When it comes to personal attention, there’s no place like home.  In-home lessons are the perfect place to work on special concerns or to customize a convenient training program.

A trainer is available to fit your schedule and training needs. Work with your dog in the privacy of your home, addressing your individual concerns, or on a “field trip” experience a new environment.

Private sessions can address anything from housetraining to basic manners to special behaviors to evaluations. Many training concerns require only 1 or 2 private sessions. About 95% of our housetraining cases are handled in a single private session, and you continue the training from there.

If you’d like the personalization and convenience of complete private training in your home, consider a cost-effective package of 5 private lessons.  We have traveled all over Indiana to work with dogs; don’t hesitate to ask about your location!

Private lessons are available weekdays at $75/hour.  Weekend sessions may be available at $100/hour, subject to availability.  Weekday packages are $350 for 5.  We’re sorry; packages are not available for weekend sessions.

Availability varies by demand; please call or email to schedule.  Weekend availability is very limited; please schedule well in advance.  Travel is included up to 20 round-trip miles, after which a nominal mileage fee of $0.50/mile is charged (a 15-mile trip would incur an additional $5 in mileage).

Video Consults

Train anywhere!

woman and dog on couchToo far to drive for a private lesson?  Need help with protocol or technique?  We offer video consulting for remote lessons.  Train with us from across town, across the country or across the globe!

Video may be prerecorded for written feedback or streamed live for real-time commentary and coaching.  We may recommend in-person sessions (or refer to another trusted colleague in your area) if the subject matter warrants.

Topics may be anything you like! including but not limited to:

  • object discrimination
  • retrieves
  • mechanical skills for trainers
  • developing shaping (offering behavior, defining criteria, etc.)
  • husbandry behaviors (nail trims, grooming, ear cleaning, etc.)
  • tricks
  • and more

Like many folks, it is a challenge for me to find time to drive somewhere for advanced training. With CIA’s video consulting I solved two problems: I found something that fits my schedule and I got consulting tips on my advanced work from one of the top professionals in the field.

– Wes Anderson, developer of the Pet Tutor

30 minutes: $30, 60 minutes: $50 (pricing subject to change)

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