All Pets Want for Christmas

All Pets Want for Christmas Blog Hop

What does your pet want for Christmas?

We asked Shakespeare and Laevatein, who agreed to provide this guest post. You’d do well to read it; how often do you get to see a dog write in iambic pentameter? (That will be Shakespeare, of course.)

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This candy is not for eating! — Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series This Candy Is Not For Eating
English: The US version of the Smarties candy.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that Halloween has passed, kids (and adults) all over the country are digging through bags of loot. Some candy is definitely preferred over others. Now might be a good time for a good candy blog post.

So, remember that fantastically foul candy which made a better punisher than reinforcer?  Things aren’t always so black and white…! Continue reading

Happy Halloween! Tricks & Treats for You

Michael Jackson dancing with the living dead.

Michael Jackson dancing with the living dead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the spirit of the holiday, I’d like to present you, Dear Reader, with a trick, a tag, and a treat.

What, you’re not familiar with the middle part of that phrase? It’s a new Halloween tradition. Trust me on this.

Want to know what that undead-Michael Jackson has to do with all this? Read on. (Hint: he’s part of the tag bit.) Continue reading

I Was Going To Write A Blog Post, And Then I Realized I Didn’t Have To

book keyboard button

photo (c) Fotolia, purchased for use

I’ve been working really, really hard on a writing project. Dedicated. I do most of this work late at night, and to be honest, there were nights when I’d probably have enjoyed snuggling with the Dobermans and watching a movie rather than yanking out my hair and wondering how to shave a few thousand more words.

I was thinking of writing a blog post on OC and staying on task with this project — an acceptable form of procrastination, perhaps? — when I stumbled upon another blog post and realized I didn’t have to write it. It was already there for me. Continue reading

It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Shakespeare comfy in chair

“I have more letters behind my name than you do; get your own chair.”

Sometimes we think, “Oh, man, I’d really like to fix this annoying behavior thing, but I just don’t have the time to put into it.”

Oh, you don’t think that? Just me? Well, it’s my blog, so I’m going to talk about it anyway. Continue reading

Behavior Concepts — from The Avengers!

Avengers movie posterIf there’s anything I’m particularly known for, it might be the integration of nerdy geekdom and behavior analysis. So in the spirit of “you got chocolate in my peanut butter!“, here’s some of what of I was thinking during the Avengers opening night six-movie marathon.

No, really, I was. Along with the, “Awesome!” and all that.

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TAG! I’m It! (self TAGteach for skiing)

Skier carving a turn off piste

This is not me. Not quite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mentioned in a recent post that I would share again the story of my learning to ski. It’s a great example of contrasting traditional instruction versus TAGteach and the resulting… results. It’s also kinda humorous, because it features me tumbling tail over teakettle down a snowy slope more than a few times, and that’s never not funny. Enjoy! Continue reading

Advertisement Photoshoot — or, Faking a Naughty Dog

Laev, after faux holiday destructionI had a great idea for a training advertisement, all seasonal and humorous. And I had a great photographer to hand. To shoot it, however, we’d need to take a crazy, fractious dog who had been trained to polite house manners and make her look again like a stereotypical “bad dog.”

It was a ton of fun. Continue reading