Special Training & Single Sessions

Private Sessions In Your Home Or On Location

attentive Yorkshire Terrier YorkieDo you have a special behavior or issue you want to focus on, and you don’t need a whole training package? Would you like a trainer to focus exclusively on you, your family, and your dog, with flexible scheduling? Perhaps you want to brush up on a behavior with your service dog or you want to consult with a professional on that housetraining that’s going slowly?

When it comes to personal attention, there’s no place like home.  In-home lessons are the perfect place to work on special concerns or to customize a convenient training program.

A trainer is available to fit your schedule and training needs. Work with your dog in the privacy of your home, addressing your individual concerns, or on a “field trip” to experience a new environment with your coach right there beside you.


Private lessons are available weekdays at $75/hour.  Weekend sessions may be available at $100/hour, subject to availability.

Availability varies by demand; please call or email to schedule.  Weekend availability is very limited; please schedule well in advance.  Travel is included up to 20 round-trip miles, after which a nominal mileage fee of $0.50/mile is charged (a 15-mile trip would incur an additional $5 in mileage).

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