Puppy Training: Get It Right From the Top

Social, Civil, and Savvy: Training & Socializing Puppies to Become the Best Possible DogsWe love solving problems, but we love preventing them even more. That’s why we encourage everyone to invest in quality training for their new puppy, to help ensure the formation of good habits instead of bad and to help prevent behavior problems before they develop. And who better to guide you through the critical periods of puppyhood than the author of a well-received book on puppy socialization and behavior?

We offer three fantastic puppy programs to help your new family member get the best start.

Junior Agent

Enough to get you started, and then you take it from there.

3 private training sessions in your home


Field Agent

A helping hand for the puppy who needs to see the world.

2 puppy field trips with a professional trainer for socialization outings and manners

3 private training sessions in your home

saves you time and trips!


Special Agent

For the busy professional with a new family member.

8 puppy field trips with a professional trainer for socialization outings and manners

2 private training sessions with a professional trainer

saves you time and trips!


These prices may not include mileage to your home. (No additional mileage charge for puppy field trips.)

So you’ll take my puppy on socialization outings?

Yes! And we’ll practice manners and polite behaviors while we’re doing it, so it’s multiple training sessions in one! Puppies can learn quickly with a professional on the end of the leash, but this won’t last unless you maintain the good behaviors at home, so we’ll do some joint sessions with your puppy and your household as well. And if you want to come along on the field trips, that’s even better!

Does this mean you’ll raise my puppy for me?

Of course not. The puppy is living with you and will be living with you; you’ll have the bulk of the responsibility for his experience. But this is a great way to get a jump start on the more time-consuming aspects of responsible puppy-raising.

screenshot of remote monitoring and climate control on phone

Cooling the car to a comfortable temperature.

Will you transport my puppy safely?

I’m glad you asked! We’ll certainly do our best. Puppies travel in a well-ventilated crate, inside a car with the best safety rating in the world. If I need to check out an area for safety reconnaissance before unloading a puppy for practice, puppies wait in a fully climate-controlled environment which is monitored on my phone, watched for any danger of heat or cold, without any danger of carbon monoxide buildup or exhaust fumes. Just as when you take your puppy out yourself, we cannot guarantee there will never be an accident, but we’ll do our best to keep everyone safe and happy.







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