Chocolate: What You Really Need to Know

Shakespeare lying amid chocolateMy active young dog burst into the room and, seeing us eating, immediately checked herself and lay down. To reward this show of self-control, I tossed a piece of my candy her way.

“You can’t do that!” gasped a friend. “You’ll poison her! That’s chocolate!”

But I knew that a single M&M® wouldn’t do her any harm. Could it?

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Help! We’re Being Invaded!

Does your dog get excited or frantic when guests come to the door or when meeting new people?

Unfortunately, once a dog has slipped into a frenzy, it’s difficult or impossible to get calm, thoughtful behavior again. The job of trainers and responsible owners is to prepare dogs beforehand so that these challenges are, well, less challenging.

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Should You Use No-Reward Markers?

What is a No Reward Marker (NRM), and is it a useful tool or an awful mistake? Should a good clicker trainer use an NRM, and, if so, when?

It’s out there, lurking. At times you feel it stalking just behind you. At last it springs as someone asks, “Why don’t you tell your dog it was wrong?”

The NRM debate has been reopened once more.

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