Canines In Action — Training for All Dogs!

Canines In Action, Inc.Canines In Action, Inc. teaches pet manners, obedience, and more using dog-friendly training techniques anyone can use.  Using the latest behavior research, we teach appropriate behavior to replace the misbehavior we don’t want. The dog learns to make the right choices before engaging in the unwanted behavior!

Our convenient dog training offerings provide flexible and personal options for training.  We focus on practical behaviors; our classes are oriented as much toward your lifestyle at home as toward the competition ring. Dog training is a team event, and we’d love to work with your entire family to ensure consistency and reliability. Training services are available privately and in small group classes.

Canines In Action is happy to work with all breeds, types, and ages of dog from the time they may safely leave their litter (at least 7 weeks, preferably later in many cases). We offer help with manners or basic obedience training as well as behavior problems ranging from house-training to fear-aggression, and we believe it’s important to collaborate with veterinarians when medical factors may be involved. Please ask us if you have any questions; we do believe in training for all dogs!

We’ve each spent hundreds of hours in continuing education in animal training; we know what works!

That said, here’s what we do:  We use positive reinforcement to train a new behavior to replace the unwanted behavior.  For example, we don’t teach a jumping dog “not to jump,” we teach him to sit to greet a person.  We use dog-friendly and humane methods, primarily marker-based training, using anything important to the dog (attention, petting, toys, treats) as earned rewards.  In short, we’re behavioral clicker trainers.

Still wondering? Check our FAQ or read all about the trainers!

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