Clever Dog?

Doberman Shakespeare clicker training book

the honorable Shakespeare To Go

So tonight I sent Shakespeare to fetch a dinner bucket, as I often do.  We feed the dogs in steel pails.  Both Shakespeare and Laev will retrieve buckets when asked; Inky will happily carry her bucket full of food to a more private dining area, but she as yet has no idea that it can also travel empty.  That’s Inky…. Continue reading

Dog Bite Fatalities 2009

This is so important, it needs its own post.

This is a review of the fatal dog attacks of 2009 and their data — the breeds involved (16 breeds in 32 incidents), the common circumstances, and what we can learn from them for preventing other tragedies.

Dog bites happen, but most can be prevented. And assuming that breed determines behavior, or that banning a breed will make us safe, is foolhardy and even dangerous.

Read it, and see that your legislator reads it, too.