Aggression & Reactivity: Help for the Freaked Out Dog

Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Training the Crazy Dog from Over the Top to Under ControlWe are known for our work with fear-aggression and general reactivity. Laura’s bestselling book has helped tens of thousands of owners to connect with their reactive dogs and teach new skills for calmer, more social behavior.

We offer three scaled programs to help your dog learn to collect and calm himself. All three require owner participation and training at home.

Junior Agent

Try the program and see where you can go from here.

1 private consult & training session in your home

1 private training session with a decoy dog or other trigger situation


Field Agent

For the owner committed to making a change.

1 private consult & training session in your home

3 private training sessions with a decoy dog or other trigger situation


Special Agent

For the owner needing physical and emotional support and training help.

1 private consult & training session in your home

2 sessions with a professional trainer working with a decoy dog or other trigger situation

2 sessions working with a decoy dog or other trigger situation, with trainer and owner


These prices may not include mileage to your home.

So you’ll fix my dog?

That depends on what you mean by “fix.” Our goal is to teach the dog new reactions to previously triggering situations, but this does not necessarily mean he turn into someone he’s not. Some dogs just don’t enjoy dog parks or close hugging, and we need to respect that. But dogs can learn to tolerate veterinary handling or passing other dogs on walks. Just as a recovered alcoholic should not return to drinking, some dogs should not be placed in situations they cannot handle, but all dogs can improve from where they start.

Does this mean you’ll train my dog for me?

No. We may do extra sessions with your dog to give him the benefit of a skilled handler who already knows how to support and reinforce the behaviors we want, but that is an extra aid, not a replacement for working with the person who is going to be with him for the rest of his life in the situations which were difficult for him. Practicing with your dog is essential to success.

screenshot of remote monitoring and climate control on phone

Cooling the car to a comfortable temperature.

Will you transport my dog safely?

I’m glad you asked! We’ll certainly do our best, in the circumstances where we are taking your dog to a different training site. Dogs travel in a well-ventilated crate, inside a car with the best safety rating in the world. If I need to check out an area for safety reconnaissance before unloading a dog for training, they wait in a fully climate-controlled environment which is monitored on my phone, watched for any danger of heat or cold, without any danger of carbon monoxide buildup or exhaust fumes. Just as when you take your dog out yourself, we cannot guarantee there will never be an accident, but we’ll do our best to keep everyone safe and happy.






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