Amazing New Technology Gives Olympic Athletes Instant Feedback! (TAGteach)

A non-training friend sent a link on tonight, telling me this revolutionary new sports training equipment seemed strangely familiar….

A whole-body clicker?

A whole-body clicker?

The Daily Mail has the story on a wiring harness which vibrates to mark a movement which has been performed successfully. The British Olympic rhythmic gymnasts are using it currently, but Gizmodo points out “it could also benefit athletes who are trying to perfect their tennis swing, back stroke, or any kind of specific motion that would give them a competitive advantage.”

In other words, this is a whole-body clicker or tagger, and the Olympic team is using a form of clicker training TAGteach for feedback. It’d be interesting to know whether the coaching style which accompanies the tactile feedback also embraces TAGteach (as some other Olympians have done, albeit with lower tech).

Note also that Birmingham City University is using the suit to train nursing students how to safely move patients and equipment without back strain or injury, in a non-competitive application. They, however, seem to be using it for negative rather than positive reinforcement.

This is actually kinda cool, says the geek in me, and while it would require a great deal of programming for accurate assessment, it really would be great for training alone. If training with a coach, teammate, or friend, however, I can’t help but think a clicker would be cheaper and more convenient. 😉

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